Renovating Your Business Space? Let’s Talk About It

Straight off the bat, let’s just all accept that traditional office design concepts have become a little outdated!

Productive and functional they might’ve been at one point in time. But with ideas shifting toward biophilic spaces, personal touches and open living, commercial architects are stepping away from the ol’ cubicle farms and more toward workspaces that promote creativity!

What Modern Office Space Design Requires

Renovating or remodeling your commercial space isn’t just about keeping up with the times. It’s about creating a better space that appeals to your current employee demographic and offers them the right environment for growth. Notwithstanding the nature of it, but by giving people a better setting, companies can make even the most complex tasks and projects seem interesting.

A report by Forbes states that an overwhelming majority of office workers would stay with a company if it invests in healthier workspace designs and features. Including healthy lunch options, sit/stand and ergonomic seating, the report further elucidates on what the current workforce needs. Requirements for a better business space include:

  • Green protocols
  • A better air filtration system
  • Large, open windows
  • Better water system
  • Improved access to hand-washing facilities
  • Dedicated eating spaces for mindful eating
  • Control glare
  • Skylights
  • Maximized natural lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Open stairways
  • Bicycle storage
  • Adjustable workstations
  • Sound-proof rooms
  • Breakout areas
  • Ergonomically designed areas
  • Staff garden or rooftop patio

And more! Clearly, with present-day workplace expectations, doing the bare minimum to create a workable business space isn’t going to fly anymore.

With the concept being to design a fresh interior and exterior that promotes healthy habits, efficiency and productivity, companies are now being prompted to take their employees’ needs into question when designing the office space. And in the long run, are benefiting from it.

How Can We Make it Happen?

With any such unique designs and features that involve veering off the traditional path of commercial interior design, you need a company that has experience in handling such projects, like us!

As an established commercial construction service in Ottawa, D.W. Inc. has the expertise required to accomplish a contemporary office design without having to go over-budget. For those seeking commercial design services in Ontario, get in touch with a representative at D.W. Inc. and talk to us about your design needs.

Create a more efficient workspace for the sake of your future business success!