New Commercial Construction

Building a commercial space from the ground up requires safe, innovative, and efficient solutions and that’s exactly what D.W. Inc. brings to you. We understand that functionality and durability are important features of any office, studio, or retail outlet. That’s why our skilled commercial renovation experts don’t compromise on the quality of the materials used, ensuring every construction project is made with premium-quality materials.

Our team of office construction and design professionals has the knowledge and expertise to oversee your construction projects from start to the very end. We take care of all your needs; from planning and design to the materials and equipment we’ll use.

D.W. Inc. offers new commercial construction services in Ottawa by utilizing a hand-on approach which gives our experts personal insights into the process. That’s what makes us one of the leading commercial construction companies in Ottawa and its surrounding regions.

With years of experience in construction, you can rest assured that the needs of your commercial space will be met when you work with us. Our in-house specialized teams can meet all the various requirements of your construction project. Our construction experts provide proactive and innovative solutions. We put our clients first; the relationships we build with them are as strong as the buildings we construct. Working closely with our experts, you play an important role in the creative process behind your construction project. doesn’t believe in taking the reins of your project, we bring you along.

Whether you want to opt for traditional, mid-century, or modern industrial style, we can accommodate all your specific requirements. If you’ve held back from construction projects because you fear exceeding your expected budget, you won’t have that concern with us. We have the utmost respect for your budget and deadlines, ensuring we provide the best product within the parameters you want. At we pride ourselves on providing premium construction solutions to the residents of the city of Ottawa and surrounding region. Guided by our passion for commercial building projects, we use state-of-the-art technology and innovative solutions to satisfy our clients’ requirements every step of the way.




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