Commercial Interior Fit-Up

Commercial spaces are tricky to rent out because the features they offer may not suit every tenant. You may have a great space in the best location, but how the space is used may deter potential tenants from snatching it up.

That’s where interior fit-ups come in. As providers of premier interior fit-up construction services, we understand that every individual has certain requirements for their studio or office, and no one should have to compromise on that. At D.W. Inc., we help you transform your space to accommodate your or your tenant’s needs.

Our in-house team of experts is equipped to handle a wide variety of modifications that come with fit-ups. From changing the lighting, colour scheme, and fixtures to changing how the space is used, there’s a lot that can be done to make a space look brand new.

Commercial buildings need to be versatile and functional; this is something we understand all too well. We make additions to buildings of all types and sizes, accommodating your needs effectively.

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Re-defining your building with a new interior fit-up can amp up its look. Our skilled team of experts add current, modern features and utilize new technologies to increase efficiency. We use the latest building practices and proactive solutions to meet your—and your tenant’s—needs.

Whether you want to add elegant flooring and doors, switch out old lighting fixtures for modern alternatives, increase the number of rooms, or meet your building’s fire protection requirements, we can help you.

At we believe in a personalized approach to your interior fit-up projects. Our experts gain insight into the outcomes you want to see, working within your budget and time-frame to provide a solution that works for you. Whether you want to expand your commercial space or increase its value, we can help you find the best additions.

Our talented professionals can seamlessly integrate the new additions into the existing structure in a way that adds the unique look you hope to see.




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