Clever Tips for Building a New Office Space from the Ground Up

Employees don’t like mundane work environments. It makes their work seem monotonous, repetitive, and boring. Remodeling the workspace motivates your employees to look forward to coming to work. It also pumps up the team about doing better, being more focused, and collaborating with their peers at the office premises. Companies need to modify their office space as their employee needs evolve.

Here are a few tips to streamline the process:

Follow ergonomic rules

When you’re planning out your office space, prioritize your employees’ convenience and comfort. The workstations should be placed so that the top of the computer screen is at eye level. Adjust the chairs and footrests accordingly. Position the keyboards and other devices so that the employees don’t have to deal with any eye fatigue.

When it comes to following the ergonomic rules, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It would help if you worked up a layout following the number of your employees, company specifics, and employee needs. It’s also advisable to have designated collaboration areas and quiet areas to promote flexibility. Give your employees a choice to work in a way that suits their tasks.

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Alt text: A construction company working its way through a commercial construction project.

Plan for growth

As a business owner, your long-term goals should never be confined to the existing office space. With persistence and hard work, you’ll have ample opportunities to open up new locations, reach out to new markets, and expand your product lines. The additional foot space might or might not work well with the existing office space. Organize your office space with your future plans in mind!

Think of the number of employees you’d be adding over the next few months, or else you’ll have to reorganize now and then. You should have enough space to accommodate extra workstations if the workload increases and hire more people. The unplanned reorganization is very costly and time-consuming.

Include the employees in the process

According to research by The Harvard Business Review, employees tend to be more satisfied if their supervisors allow them to choose where and how they want to work. Allow your employees to get creative with arranging their workspace and furniture however they want. If too much employee autonomy isn’t possible, you could at least present them with a few options and get them to choose. Let’s say, you’re confused about where to place the phone booth; ask the employees whether they would like to answer calls in a private space or a shared collaborative room.

Now that you’re clear on what you want for your new office space, the next step is to choose a reliable commercial construction company to put the plan into action. D.W.Inc. is your best bet if you’re based in Ottawa. Get in touch!