A Guide to Renovating Your Office Strategically

Ideally, your office renovation or remodeling plan should have a clear motive behind it.

What’s the purpose of transforming your office and renewing the look? What is wrong with your current office layout? Does it hinder productivity? Are you expanding your workforce and need more space to accommodate the workstation? Do you need a change in how employees interact when they’re at work?

The answers to these questions will help you determine your key considerations when you’re renovating.

Office layout

Think of how you want your employees to interact. Does the work require them to work in silos or collaboratively? If the sales team needs to make frequent telephonic conversations with clients, make them sit far away from the finance team that prefers silence.

If your employees don’t like being distracted by the noise, you can’t opt for an open concept layout that skips border walls and cubicles. All of the furniture and computer devices will have to be moved around accordingly. Always leave out some space to adjust your future plans.

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Alt text: A newly renovated office.



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we hold meetings. Video conferencing has largely replaced in-person sessions, and technology has become a major aspect of our standard operating procedures. If your workplace doesn’t have the right audiovisual infrastructure, now is the time to invest in one. To prevent the loud sound levels from distracting the rest of the employees, consider investing in acoustic panels and sound masking as well.

To save costs and make your office more energy-efficient, get LED video walls. They use far less energy.


If your work requires the employees to be creative, don’t keep the walls plain white. A dull space won’t necessarily ignite the spark in your employees to bring out the best of their imagination to the table. You can always add some artwork and liven up the space.

However, make sure the wall art and the graphics match our branding and corporate image. Try and strike the right balance between sticking to your identity and making your space more welcoming. You can also engage the employees to add some quirky accents to the office space.

Choosing the right office renovation company is just as important as taking these key considerations into account. If you’re based in Ottawa, D.W.Inc. is a leading commercial and residential construction company in the area. . Get in touch today for a quote.