5 Signs Your Commercial Space Needs a Remodel

Be honest: while you are proud of the fact that you’ve invested your blood, sweat and tears into making your business as successful as it is today, have you actually taken the time out and invested your energy in creating a fair and successful enough business environment?

Not just your business model. But even with the type of surroundings you create for your workplace, what matters is how practical it is, and how much it encourages productivity.

So, if your business is thriving but you sense that your office space may be lacking that same vivacity and energy, here are some signs that should confirm your suspicions: that it’s high time your commercial space got a makeover!

Sign#1: Things Look a Little Outdated

Swivel chairs that creak with the slightest movement, tables chipped at the corners, computers running at an exhausting pace—if your office looks like a space straight out of a history book (or a parody of an office), you might want to consider get those details updated.

Sign#2: There’s Obvious Wear and Tear

See any water marks on the ceiling, perhaps carpets that look worse for wear? Such signs are a clear mark that your office environment has been ignored for far too long.

Sign#3: There’s a Serious Lack of Space

Your company is flourishing. But with more projects, there’s more paperwork, and more people working on that paperwork. But there’s no space.

In a way, this is a good thing since it forces you to take the right steps to make said space. However, at present, if you’re aggressively hiring, this lack of space can come off as a bit unprofessional looking. Since to a third-person, it will look like you can’t handle your company assets.

Sign#4: Your Décor is Bland

Those waterfall paintings might have seemed tasteful at one point. But fast forward to now, do they complement your brand or business? Let’s say you own a law firm, having a fireplace wall mural or generic leaf imagery in cheap frames will really not help your image in any way. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make a change.

Sign#5: Employee Morale is at an All-Time Low

Don’t just ask your managers, ask your employees, and observe their work. Are they as engaged or happy as they were when it all started? Are their cubicles cramped, the walls too plain, or the break room too small?

Workplace productivity can take a huge hit if the environment isn’t up to par with your employees’ expectations. Take steps to revamp the area and remodel it so the workplace encourages growth and efficiency, not just the task of getting work done!

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