5 Elements of Office Design That You Must Get Right

If you’re planning to transform your old, boring workplace to modern commercial space, here are the five essential elements of office design that you must get right:


Appropriate office lighting is a workplace necessity. It can significantly impact the overall health and happiness of employees.

Lighting also has a substantial impact on employee productivity and stress levels. Therefore, when designing an office layout, you must pay attention to lighting.

You must strike a perfect balance between artificial and natural lighting to maintain optimal illumination levels in your commercial space.

Air Quality

Most employees spend majority of their office time indoors; hence it’s crucial to ensure good air quality inside the office space.

When designing an office space, make sure to allow for airflow and ventilation to prevent stale atmosphere, which can result in fatigue and lack of concentration.

Proper insulation can trap airborne pollutants and keep indoor air pollution to a minimum. Moreover, adding spaces for potted plants is a great way to ensure proper air quality.


It’s crucial to maintain an optimal internal temperature maintained in a commercial office space to ensure employees remain comfortable and able to focus on work.

Therefore, proper heating and air conditioning system with a programmable thermostat should be part of your office design.

There are different kinds of systems available, ranging from Variable-Air-Volume (VAV) systems to water source heat pumps, so make sure the correct provisions are made in the blueprint.


The smell that an office exudes has a significant impact on employees. Ensuring an office smells good can help create a more pleasant environment.

The office design should have a proper ventilation system to let out any unwanted smells. The kitchens and bathrooms should also be located strategically.

Auditory range

Finally, let’s talk about the acoustics. It’s one of the most ignored elements of office design that can play a significant role in the ambience and atmosphere of commercial space.

From calculating the right angles of the hallways to determining the right thickness of the walls, several factors need to be addressed to ensure the auditory range.

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