Eco-Friendly Remodeling Tips to Boost Your CRE Value in Ottawa

Ottawa is the nation’s capital and the fourth-largest urban region in Canada. While the city is famous for tourism, it also offers excellent opportunities for businesses.

There are many well-established job industries, including technology, construction and manufacturing, healthcare, and more, in Ottawa.

If you have a relatively old commercial building in Ottawa, you may consider an eco-friendly remodelling project.

It will increase the demand for your commercial real estate and also increase its market value.

Here are five easy, eco-friendly remodeling tips to improve the value of your commercial real estate in Ottawa:

Tip#1: Use eco-friendly materials and recycle

When remodeling your commercial property, use environmental-friendly building materials in the construction process to promote sustainability and minimize the carbon footprint.

For instance, use bamboo or engineered wood instead of regular wood. The common green materials used in remodeling are insulated concrete, fiber cement, stone, and steel.

It’s equally essential to recycle the fixtures and fittings removed during the renovation process whenever possible.

Tip#2: Install epoxy flooring

The floors of commercial properties have to withstand heavy foot traffic, which can deteriorate their condition and require frequent repairs and maintenance.

Epoxy flooring offers an extremely hard-wearing and durable flooring surface that can endure heavy traffic without sustaining any damage.

Epoxy flooring also looks very appealing, smooth, and professional, and can be applied in different patterns to improve the aesthetics of your commercial space.

The slip-resistant, water-resistant, and fire-resistance properties of epoxy flooring make it a perfect flooring option.

Tip#3: Add more natural light to your commercial space

Studies have shown that natural light in the workplace helps improve productivity and motivate employees to work to their full capabilities.

Consider knocking out some walls to allow natural light to seep inside your commercial building. Just make sure to install adjustable blinds to block incoming sunlight.

Alternatively, you may opt for windows and transom windows to add more natural light. Also,

use glass panels for private offices instead of interior walls.

Tip#4: Install energy-efficient lighting

Replace a conventional lighting system with a smart energy-efficient LED lighting system. LEDs consume significantly less energy and last longer than incandescent lighting.

They are enormously energy-efficient and provide substantial savings on electricity bills.

LED lights are also ecologically-sound as they don’t contain toxic compounds like mercury, and can be 100% recycled.

The excellent design flexibility, durable design, and power savings make LED lights an ideal choice for lighting.

Tip#5: Switch to commercial solar energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source and is also the cleanest type of energy that can reduce the CO2 emission of your commercial property.

It’s a smart investment that gives an instant boost to the value of your commercial property and lowers your electricity bill, providing energy savings.

Solar panels are affordable, require minimal maintenance, and make you eligible for tax credits and bonus depreciation.

Moreover, solar panels show your commitment to clean energy to potential tenants, making it an excellent investment for your commercial property.

Final Words

Planning a renovation or remodeling project may seem like an exciting and fascinating project, but it comes with several challenges that require professional expertise to tackle.

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Therefore, hire a professional remodeling company to make eco-friendly upgrades to your commercial real estate and improve its appeal and long-term market value.

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