Common Residential Construction Nightmares—and How to Avoid Them: Part 2

In part one of this article, we discussed some common issues that people face when they are building their own houses, for example, custom orders being handled poorly, workers not following the right blueprint and unexpected delays. If you’re looking for solutions for these issues, refer to part one of this article.

In part two, we will discuss further issues and their solutions including unexpected costs, loan issues and missing contracts. To get a better understanding, let’s look at each of these in further detail.

Unexpected Costs During The Project

Sometimes people face unforeseen situations that couldn’t have been factored-in during the planning phase, for example, bad soil or termite damage. These issues can lead to extra costs and certain delays, causing great inconvenience, with neither party truly being at fault.

In order to avoid situations where you have to pay on top of the already high costs, make sure to draw up a budget to cover any unexpected costs before you begin the project.

Delays In Financing Loans

Loan approvals take time and this can often lead to financing problems—especially if your contract follows a modular payment plan, which requires you to pay the builder at the end of each stage.

To counter situations like this, make sure to work closely with your builder and lender and practice clear communication to establish proper understanding of the project, its timelines and any arising issues. Your bank will need to know details like what stages will be complete by what time so they can process the required funds accordingly.

The Case Of The Missing Contracts

Sometimes people end up NOT signing any contract at all, sealing a construction deal worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, with a handshake with someone they know in the industry. In a situation like this, it is very difficult to ensure project quality.

The solution to this is simply to understand the importance of a contract and a professional company and avoid getting into no-contract deals as they can also land you into legal trouble because you have no proof.

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