Common Residential Construction Nightmares—and How to Avoid Them: Part 1

Having our dream house constructed is probably a dream many of us have, however, seeing it through has its own challenges. There can be risks, losses and even disappointments during  the project.

Here are some of the most common problems people face when building their own house—and how to solve them.

The Custom Orders Being Poorly Handled

One of the most common issues to lead to delays in a project is the mishandling of custom orders. If you’ve placed a custom order that has been executed poorly, or came up with an unexpected flaw, you can no longer use it.

One of the best ways to counter the issue is to create a construction specifications document before getting started on the project. This document will detail everything you will need during the length of the project. This way, in case of a mess up, the specifications document and the customer order document can be compared with the supplier’s, helping you determine whose responsibility it is.

Even though the specification document will lower the risk of an incorrect order, in case it does happen, it could turn out to benefit the homeowner in the form of a discount or exchange.

Confusion Regarding The Blueprint

Sometimes, due to team communication problems, subcontractors end up working off older versions of the project blueprint. This can significantly slow down construction projects.

The best way around the issue is to make sure that the communication is clear, and that the subcontractors are up to date with any upcoming changes. A great idea is to personally keep a check on the blueprint they are following.

Another effective measure is to make a note of the date the final blueprint gets approved in your construction agreement and circulate a copy so that everyone can double-check their own plans.

Sudden And Unexpected Delays

While your own house is being built, you’re either renting, or crashing with another family. But there is no real way to know how long you’ll be in that situation due to unexpected delays. A good way of making sure that the project completes on time is to request a production schedule and make sure that suppliers, and subcontractors follow it.

Clear communication is necessary in order to execute a project successfully and smoothly. Be open with your contractors, team manager, supplier and subcontractors about blockages or issues that come your way.

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