A Guide To Renovating Your Home To Add Value To It

Home sale prices are hiking in Ottawa and now is the time to invest in smarter and more eco-friendly renovations to make your home stand out. Spring is the ideal time for residential homeowners to start sprucing up their houses irrespective of whether they want to sell or not.

An exterior renovation is the most ideal for increasing the overall curb appeal of your home because that’s what catches the eye first.

However, if you’re not planning on parting ways with your home anytime soon, it’s a better idea to stick to renovations that will add more personal value to you.

Let’s take a look at some of the most fruitful renovations to invest in this year for your renovation project.

Make smaller home improvements

The key to adding value to your residential space is to strike a balance between vamping up the home decor and incorporating structural upgrades.

You don’t necessarily have to go too extravagant with repairs but switching out older and outdated light fixtures with newer ones can have a subtle impact on the home environment.

You can also make plumbing changes such as opting for more modern faucets in the kitchen and bathroom. If you want to see drastic changes without putting a dent in your pocket, you can opt for window treatments as well.

Prioritize structural changes

Issues with structure should be top of the list because ultimately you want to make sure that the foundation of your home is pretty solid, even if you don’t want to sell. You don’t want to continue living in a home with a shoddy structure, because this creates further problems with electrical wiring, plumbing etc.

Consider an expansion

You can add more floor space in your home by either adding an extra washroom or expanding the living room space. Take down walls separating the kitchen and the living area to create an open floor-plan.

This is ideal if you like to host dinner parties or gathering at your home often because it creates space to accommodate larger groups of people.

You can also expand the external area to create a patio area for more intimate meetings or simply to add aesthetic value to your home.

Hire renovation experts who know your area well!

We can help you with expert home renovations to remedy damages or to make your home more modern and versatile.

Are you looking for repairs or do you want to invest in an entirely new remodel? We have some of the most experienced experts to help you decide on the most suitable renovations for your individual needs.

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