3 Ways An Office Renovation Can Improve Productivity

Modern offices have evolved to accommodate the need for an equally evolved workforce. Not only has the number of employees in a workforce in Canada increased in the past four years (2015-2019), but the demographics of the employees have changed significantly as well.

Workplace trends are changing rapidly to focus on creating an environment that is more “frictionless”. There are multiple things that can impact this experience for an employee including the ability to work in an open floor plan, the ease with which they can access other employees and more.

An improved workplace can also provide a solution for workers who feel like they need to work from home to avoid distractions such as the need for privacy and too much noise. An increasing number of employers are looking to increase employee engagement.

Here are some ways how a personalized and thoughtful office renovation can improve the productivity of your employees.

Promotes employee interaction

An office renovation is a perfect time to play around with the office layout. Doing so can help you promote better cooperation with the employees by making it easier for them to interact with one another.

For example, if you’ve had an office set up with cubicles, your employees can find it challenging to collaborate easily. If you opt for a more relaxed environment, it can help boost morale with your employees as well.  

Improves health and safety

There’s no denying that healthier employees are happier employees and any commercial space which guarantees to cater to a healthy work environment will have fewer employees taking sick days.

Some of the most common and aesthetic ways you can make your office space healthier is by inviting more natural light into the room.

Improves ergonomics

An office space that compels employees to be sitting in their chairs for too long is a concern given the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

However, designing a space that promotes movement can improve the overall circulation in the body.

You can also incorporate more ergonomic furniture and enough break rooms to allow employees to relax which will help them perform better.

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